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Cool Chicks Coffee

The Freshest Coffee - Guaranteed!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting Cool Chicks Coffee Company! 


Cool Chicks Coffee Company was started by Kayla (21) and Emma (17) as part of our home schooling classes when we were just 11 and 7. Mom challenged us to think of a business we could start so that we could learn about business principles. Our goal was to provide the best coffee and teas that we could find, by doing so not only get to sell a product but actually learn basic business principles. We have developed a marketing plan, learned about inventory flow, budgeting and cash flow, as well as the internet. After we pay our expenses, hopefully we will have earned some cash for the little things we want to buy! 


Please let us know which products you would be interested in purchasing today. We are planning on adding additional products in the near future. If there is something you think we should add please let us know as we are always looking for great ideas and will even reward you for the ideas that we do use!